January 31, 2020
Meridian Hall (Formerly Sony Centre for Performing Arts)
(cap 3100)
January 17, 2020
Playhouse Square
(cap 1,744)
91% Sold
January 11, 2020
Harris Theater for Music & Dance
(cap 1,525)
93% SOLD
January 26, 2019
Burlington Performing Arts Centre
(cap 718)

More dates to be announced...

The Experience

Based on the genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and featuring his most popular works, The Mozart Effect: Live! takes the presentation of the live symphony orchestra to an entirely new place. Performed by a world-class 40 piece symphony orchestra accompanied by high definition large format immersive video and visual effects, The Mozart Effect Live! is curated to stimulate the senses, inspire and engage the deepest corners of the human psyche.

Timed to the dynamics of the orchestra's performance of Mozart's timeless music, the visual presentation takes the audience from the farthest reaches of space, through awe inspiring flights over mountains and into the deepest canyons, to human relationships. These visuals are married with special lighting effects and live video close-ups of the musicians and conductor. The result is a sensory enhanced symphonic aural and visual experience, with moments of intimate performance nuance and powerful climactic peaks.

The transformational power of music to stimulate human cognitive processes, improve memory and focus using Music Therapy were first explored by educator Don Campbell in his best-selling book The Mozart Effect. Don Campbell subsequently curated a series of themed albums of Mozart's music that sold millions of copies. By special permission of his estate, Don Campbell's innovative teaching was the inspiration to bring The Mozart Effect: Live! to the concert stage.

The creators of The Mozart Effect: Live! have two main objectives; to leave audiences enlightened, invigorated, and having experienced something entirely unlike any other concert or theatrical event and to introduce live orchestra to new audiences.

The Mozart Effect: Live! featuring the music of the world's most popular composer is the perfect introduction to live orchestral music for the uninitiated, and a new adventure for the symphony enthusiast.

What they are saying about The Mozart Effect: Live!

  • I love orchestral movies with superheroes and goblins. I love all that. But this is completely different. People will come out of The Mozart Effect having a different appreciation even for the ground that they're walking on, for this planet that we're standing on, the wildlife and nature, other people, even people they don't know, strangers. It changes the way you see your world.

    ~ Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser, Conductor, Mozart Effect: Live! World Premiere with the HPO
  • I thought the show was absolutely fantastic. I loved the effects. I loved the visualization. It was just phenomenal. The music, wonderful. It was just absolutely wonderful.

    ~ Michelle Hubinger
  • Simply spectacular.

    ~ Wayne Ross
  • I'm going to tell all my friends, and everyone that I can because when it was finished and I had seen all the beauty that surrounds us, there were two things. I was grateful to be here and alive on Earth, and to be able to experience the beauty that we have around us. And the second thing was, I just hope that it can be shared with as many souls that it can be, because I had this really wonderful feeling inside, and it touched my heart and my soul.

    ~ Lynne Scarlet
  • Last Saturday I attended the multimedia concert Mozart Effect Live with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. It was AWESOME!! Congratulations on such an incredible event! Can you please keep me posted re where it will be performed next in North America? Thank you!

    ~ Christy LeRoij
  • Watching the film with the music, it's got me into a zone, a feeling that I've never had, never felt, until tonight.

    ~ Aoibheann Lambe
  • It was kind of like an adventure, because the music's taking you on a journey with the pictures. My first thought was it reminded me a lot of Fantasia when I first saw that as a kid, because it brought the visual in with the classical music. I really loved that they tried to do that combination again. It worked really well. It was great.

    ~ Melanie Bortis
  • It was fantastic. The visuals went so well together with the music. It just really brought out the ambiance, the environment. I would recommend this show to anyone.

    ~ Sarah Ruiter-wood
  • There were lots of children here, and people of different ages. There's something in it for everybody. Everybody around us was very entertained and enthralled by the entire thing.

    ~ Michael Lake
  • On behalf of our musicians and staff, I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to join you on the Mozart Effect! The musicians deeply enjoyed the experience of getting to present such great music in a new and exciting way with the wonderful projection and lighting, and of course the audience was thrilled as well. We were impressed by all that your team was able to accomplish in one day, and we hope that our paths will cross again in the future!

    ~ Nathaniel Davis
    Stage Manager, Chicago Philharmonic
  • Innovative and unique…not only did the audience enjoy the great music and beautiful videos but our orchestra loved playing it!

    ~ Shirley Morgenstern
    Executive Director, Cleveland Pops Orchestra
  • Thank you for the opportunity of premiering The Mozart Effect: LIVE! in Toronto. The program makes one look at Mozart's music in an entirely different manner. Our musicians had a wonderful experience.

    ~ Laura Vaillancourt
    Executive Director, Ontario Philharmonic
  • Amazing concert tonight at Meridian Hall...and a sell out too. So great working with your team on this. Congratulations!

    ~ Christopher Randall
    VP The New Classical FM Toronto

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